About Us


St. Munchin’s Community Centre has had an active role in promoting and developing community involvement within the Parish since its establishment in 2005. The Community Centre has developed a broad representative base from within the Community.

The core activities of the community centre would not be possible without the continued funding and support of FÁS Limerick City Council, the HSE. With the continued support our staff and management team, and the general public we hope to build on the programme and Services we provide.

Mission Statement

“We aim to be an approachable, energetic, motivating and developing group who will assist our community to develop a sense of pride and reach its full potential. Our aim is to achieve this through supporting development within our community, networking, identifying and responding to needs and issues. We aim to enjoy what we do.”

Aims and Objectives

To provide a central accessible community hub accommodating local service providers

  • To provide a meeting space for local community/voluntary groups
  • To address isolation and social exclusion for the older members of our community
  • To identify and respond to local needs

Management Structure at St. Munchins Community Centre is managed by a Voluntary Board of Management who live and or work in the local Community. The “Board” consists of a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Committee. The Centre is managed by a full-time manager. The management team have worked very hard over the past years building and developing on our aims and objectives as a community development organisation in St. Munchin’s Parish. The management team meet on a regular format to carry out and monitor progress on ongoing projects and services to the community.

You may view a list of submissions or request our company’s printout which details the company’s name and previous name, registered office, company type, incorporation and annual return details, charges secured against it, directors and secretary, and a list of each submission that has been received or registered HERE.

For a list of our policies & procedures, please email us. 

We are on the journey to the governance code. Being ‘On the Journey’ means that our organisation has made a formal commitment to undertake a process to comply with the Code.

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